Thursday, November 16, 2006

2 Things about the Queens Speech 2006

Apparently, about any subject, there are only 2 things that you really need to know. It's an interesting exercise to try and work these out, because it forces you to distill out the essence of a subject in a haikuesque way. It has a sniff of Zen-like austerity to me. These 2 things about being a Briton made me laugh, anyway.

Wasn't the Queen's speech yesterday boring? It's hardly riveting at the best of times, but this tranche was positively leaden. Re-hashing the old themes of anti-social behaviour, climate change and terrorism. All things that they've either made worse, or can't do anything about.

I notice that the Extreme Pornography bill that was promised has been slipped in with the proposed Criminal Justice Bill. I've blogged about this before. I'm not sure whether this is just the government being underhanded or because they didn't want videos of the Queen saying 'Pornography' or possibly because they underestimated the degree of opposition from people like Backlash and are trying to quietly bury it. I doubt that it's because the government has realised that internet porn actually cuts crime, but you never know.

The Guardian sums the speech up with 2 Things:

1. Terrorism
2. Crime

Although my take on it is:

1. More Tax
2. More Surveillance

Mind you, there are only really 2 Things you need to know about life:

1. Sex
2. Death



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