Monday, October 30, 2006

The Political Compass

I like the Political Compass, a way of seeing political and social views in 2 dimensions, not just the familiar left-right polarities, which date back to the french revolution. The Political Compass adds another dimension, Authoritarian-Libertarian which I think is particularly relevant today.

A chart of the political parties in the 2005 elections is here. It is worth noticing how close together New Labour and the Conservatives were in that election, nestled together in the right-wing/fascist quarter of the grid. There really isn't much to choose between them. Of the major parties, only the Lib-Dems were even slightly in the libertarian camp. It's also interesting that the BNP are actually a bit left-wing, although seriously authoritarian.

My chart is here. I'm over in the lonely right-wing / libertarian quarter where there are no political parties. Even the Lib Dems have got more fascistic over the past year. No wonder contemporary politics annoys me so much. Mind you, I'd be more annoyed if I was a green.



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