Sunday, October 29, 2006

I just can't help myself sometimes

"Under certain circumstances, profanity provides a relief denied even to prayer" -- Mark Twain

Christ I hate this fucking country. I was born and bred here, but I haven't hated the place so much since I was a nine year old at school being beaten with a cricket bat 'for my own good'.

Generally I'm an optimist; I tend to think that life gets better for each successive generation, but reading todays paper made me just want to vomit with rage and frustration at what a filthy fucking pestilant pool of shit our craven, pusilanimous, deceptive, lying, manipulative, self-serving, ignorant political fuckwits are turning this country into.

I remember back in 2000 or so looking out of a bus window, at the recently renovated statue of Prince Albert in Hyde Park, which had just been unveiled, after having being boxed up for the previous two decades (well, for as long as I could remember anyway) . I was filled with sense of well-being at being part of a society that was prepared, and could afford to restore, such a pointless and gaudy monument. The cold war was over, we had no enemies, the economy was good, and a feeling of cheerful liberty was in the air.

And since then, every fucking thing that the government have done has made the place worse.

Here's a small selection of stories from todays Sunday Times:
  • Inland revenue to crackdown on people who have trouble filling in their tax forms, despite the government having made them almost impossible for anyone to understand.

  • Britons are now the most surveilled society in the western world. One CCTV camera for every 14 people, our internet movements tracked, our phone calls recorded, our financial details shared with every fucking small-minded official that wants to see them. Our, and our children's DNA being kept on file. And now compulsory ID Cards and National Register. All 'for our own good'. Bastards, bastards, bastards.

  • Alan Johnson caving in in typically pathetic fashion over the proposal to make faith based schools take a 25% quota of children of other faiths, just so that they realise that there are people who think differently to the religious zealots that are trying to indoctrinate them. What a fucking waste of space that man is.

  • Council tax may double, despite the fact that the CBI says councils are wasting at least £3bn a year.

  • Green parking charges in Richmond, and proposals being made for green taxes to that pension-raiding means-testing cunt Gordon Brown. Despite the fact that we emit only 1/10th as much CO2 as the US, and that CO2 may be an effect of gobal warming not a cause.

  • Britain is becoming increasingly gridlocked despite that fat moron Prescott pledging to reduce congestion by 2010. At the same time, overcrowding on commuter trains into london has doubled since 1996. How do those mendacious fuckers expect us to get into work in the morning if they won't build more railways and roads? Presumably by taking taxis down the bus lanes as they do. Hypocritical wankers. I hope they all get cancer.

Enough ranting for now. Normal service will be resumed after this post.

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Blogger Nick Ryan said...

Hmm, my friend Mr Thomas seems to be having a bad day...

Well, I agree with the final point at least!

(I'm sure mendacity is part and parcel of the political process btw!)

10:00 am  
Blogger Sacerdote said...

Well, I was going to say that I felt better having written this, but then I came across this and the urge to swear returned full force. I'm going for a lie down...

11:57 am  
Blogger Nick Ryan said...

Ah, very interesting riposte. That article leaves me with mixed feelings. Anger, at demands for quick action and gut-politics, perhaps fuelled by "red top" tabloids, and in turn by the morass that is the general public (how many more times do I have to listen to normally intelligent adults insisting that young people "lack discipline" - the least of their bloody problems, I expect - as the one and only answer to parents actually bothering to have a relationship with their children?!).

Porter paints a worrying picture, but as he begins to hint, I'd love it if this ol' country of ours could somehow start looking forwards, not back; start celebrating the things it has going for it today, not in the past; and start planning (sorry, all the libertarians) for some social (nationwide) policies, such as an integrated transport policy and, yes, getting big cars off our small streets... ^^

As for the comments on the cops, I'd have to cross-reference the actual incidents to the alleged effects. But presuming the quoted examples are true, it don't show our cops, nor the government, in a great light, I agree.

2:54 pm  

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